Expert, or imposter? Why post-PhD careers can take time to gel

‘We like to think that we should make a living based on what we enjoy doing. However it’s often the opposite way: we start enjoying jobs in which our expertise is respected. […] Passion and fulfilment often come after reaching some level of proficiency in a certain area and not the other way around.‘ –Continue reading “Expert, or imposter? Why post-PhD careers can take time to gel”

“Non-Academic” Jobs: more academic than you think?

‘My industry life doesn’t look that dissimilar from my academic life, to be honest.’ – Abby Bajuniemi, PhD Sections from this post also appear in the University of Birmingham’s Postgraduate Researcher Development Blog. Nicknames at work can be telling. My partner’s work nickname happens to be ‘The Professor.’ He thinks it’s the mad-scientist-curly-hair that drawsContinue reading ““Non-Academic” Jobs: more academic than you think?”